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11 November 2021

PPMG pushes boundaries of sustainability in the beauty industry with launch of Project bYouty


A new global online platform is aiming to transform the sustainable and ethical beauty market after launching with the expertise and support of PPMG. Working with independent beauty entrepreneurs and boutique brands, to offer consumers sustainable and ethical products from a single web platform, Project bYouty is revolutionary in the region. The business, which is run by entrepreneur powerhouse and founder Amy Wilkinson-Lough, offers sustainable, natural beauty products from a wide range of award-winning brands in skincare, haircare, make-up, at-home remedies, as well as beauty tools and accessories.

Launched in just under 120 days, we worked to seamlessly integrate the look and feel of the site with that of the hundreds of globally-recognised brand ethics, while still able to tailor to their specific needs. PPMG allowed Project bYouty to enter the e-commerce market quickly, cost effectively, and strategically — with the design and capabilities designed to delight and impress the conscious consumer. Our expertise and capability in producing flawless, flash sale, easy-to-use systems, was essential to support the high-volume sales needed at Project bYouty. With expanded global reach, including fast and safe international shipping, as well as secure localised payment options on all stores.

Sourced from around the globe, with a heavy slant on natural ingredients, sustainable values and environmental ethos, Project bYouty is already making waves as a major player in the e-commerce space. Today, Project bYouty showcases a number of recognised international brands, all available to consumers across the Middle East at the click of a button. Project bYouty has garnered media coverage by notable outlets thanks to its slick, user-friendly online platform designed and built by PPMG.

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