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11 November 2021

PPMG launch charm offensive on the region’s supermarket e-commerce stage


Global supermarket giants have enlisted the services of Dubai-based media and content specialists PPMG, to launch online platforms and operations across the Middle East. Systems have been developed for both upmarket UK grocer Waitrose, and UAE homegrown and local favourite Spinneys, enabling the companies fulfil a promise to customers in the Middle East.
The expansion marks the first dedicated overseas ecommerce offering for Waitrose & Partners (formerly Waitrose), a multi-national chain of British supermarkets, founded in 1904 as Waite, Rose & Taylor, later shortened to Waitrose.

One of the largest grocery chains in the region, Spinneys and PPMG worked tirelessly to design, build, populate and launch an online e-commerce platform, with home delivery fulfillment, in just a few short months. The project was expedited in a bid to reach the vulnerable during the lockdowns imposed as a result of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. PPMG provided a unique e-commerce framework to launch an online e-commerce platform complete with home delivery options and services, within an unusually limited timeframe.

Digital and media specialists, PPMG has styled, designed and launched web, mobile, social and in-store digital platforms, creating a personal and immersive digital commerce experience for all users. Supermarket customers in the region can now access and shop with the grocers online thanks to a user-friendly website, home to thousands of grocery products. Operations were also put in place to allow for more than 2,800 delivery slots available each week, satisfying an aim to reach more than 1,500 homes across Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the early weeks. The platforms were designed and implemented to also offer same-day delivery, with the cut-off for amendments being just two hours prior to delivery, meaning the ultimate in convenience, as well as product freshness, for online customers.

PPMG built a unique, user-friendly operating system, including back end facilities, incorporating order management and online payments. Leveraging the expertise gained through facilitating other global e-commerce platforms, the site also allows a re-order function to facilitate repeat purchases.

The websites were developed by PPMG as “one-stop” shops for customers, along with a convenient “to-the-doorstep” delivery service. It was mapped and launched in line with The Dubai Economy's focus on strengthening online retail services and thanks to PPMG, the new platforms offer customers an efficient, convenient and safe way to shop for their groceries. Stepping into the world of e-commerce, supermarkets can strengthen the ability to further support communities and continue to provide customers with the best possible products as fast and conveniently as possible.

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