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IN BRIEF PPMG is a modern investment and media company that operates across a number of sectors. We are experts in media, python development, ecommerce, brand consultancy and much more.

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Investment leaders

PPMG is a future-focused investment firm that manages a diverse portfolio of regional and global assets. From FinTech to sports, beauty to blockchain technology – and everything in between – PPMG are experts at managing and elevating businesses and brands to become market leaders in their fields. Our clients trust us to turn their dreams into realities and guide them to success.

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We have a knack of not only identifying futureproof technologies, but also developing our own in-house advances too. As well as investing in FitTech and EduTech brands such as Corefit and Glu, respectively, we’ve also built KMMRCE – a revolutionary ecommerce platform – and are developing our very own blockchain technology and soon-to-be announced cryptocurrency too.

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Seeing a niche in the market for brand and product strategy, PPMG invested and helped to build KNTENT – a dynamic content and marketing agency based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Its client base sky-rocketed within with more than 20 unique and varied brands seeking their help and guidance. Want to elevate your brand? Contact us now.

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Darren Hodgkin

Chief Executive Officer

Our founder and CEO, Darren Hodgkin has over 20 years of experience in both the publishing and creative agency businesses. A formidable serial entrepreneur, Darren is always seeking out the best worldwide investments and has channelled his enthusiasm and expertise into up-and-coming business sectors such as ecommerce, FinTech, EdTech, FitTech as well as technical and lifestyle apps, websites and traditional, high-end print products.

Ron Coakley

Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Ron provides leadership and strategic vision to the organisation. Bringing operational, managerial and administrative procedures, reporting structures, and operation controls to the company. He effectively communicates and fosters growth among the executive team and empowers all employees to pull towards common goals. He is also responsible for maintaining and driving the results and performance within the company.

Dominic Andrews

Executive Director

An active Director across a number of PPMG companies over the last decade, Dominic has been responsible for implementing the digital growth strategy within numerous PPMG companies whilst playing a leading role in the development and launch of KMMRCE, our most innovative, future-first technology business. Dominic’s 23 years of experience in media, marketing and digital platforms and solutions provides us with leading insight into digital first solutions and a practical viewpoint into ensuring consistent uptake across our portfolio of businesses.

Katharine Bell

Operations Director

The engine of PPMG, Katharine is responsible for the day-to-day operations at the company and oversees the portfolio of investment. Originally from the UK, Katharine is an integral part of PPMG who helps to maintain the link between the staff and executive team to ensure that the overall strategy is followed to the letter.

Richard Agyemang

eCommerce Trading Director

Richard works on our FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) portfolio and their affiliated partners in the Middle East, handling digital marketing and ecommerce. Aiding clients with strategising marketing campaigns, analysing and reporting customer data, co-ordinating in-house content and creative design support for campaigns all with the goal of raising brand awareness and driving optimal return on investment.

Lucy Radford

eCommerce Director

Lucy’s expertise and passion in the eCommerce industry has been a key driver in helping global brands find their feet in the FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) sector. With a keen eye for data and analytics management, Lucy is a relationship builder who bridges the gap between the client’s requirements for content, results and maximising their eCommerce presence, and is a trusted force in the region to help deliver exceptional results.

Sudhish Chandran

Associate Publisher

With over 20 years of media experience in the region as a publisher of numerous market-leading titles, Sudhish has headed up PPMG’s publishing division for the last decade. With a wealth of knowledge across print, digital, events, subscription models and brand partnerships, he is entrusted to oversee media verticals that are in tune with their market’s readership.

Amith Joe

Finance Manager

Amith has been with PPMG since the very beginning and has handled the finance side of the business ever since. Creating financial reports, plans and strategies for the long-term financial benefit of PPMG, Amith is a key component to driving the company forward. More than just money management, he also leads the finance team that helps PPMG to flourish and make sound decisions across its investment portfolio.