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11 NOVOMBER 2021

Digital platform and payment company, KMMRCE holdings, to open global headquarters in DIFC


KMMRCE Holdings - the UAE’s first digital specialist to combine flexible cloud management solutions with comprehensive finance capabilities - has announced the opening of its global headquarters in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Its portfolio companies, KMMRCE and KMMRCE Pay, have built a reputation for delivering flexible platforms, which integrate the latest FinTech for a seamless online retail and payment experience.

KMMRCE Holdings’ subsidiary KMMRCE is a homegrown Software as a Service (SaaS) company that has been evolving in the market for several years through long-standing digital, e-commerce, and FinTech partnerships. Over time, it has grown from a developer into a branded technology services provider, offering clients complete e-commerce solutions. The enterprise-level, agnostic KMMRCE platform features over 50 unique modules that can be used to customise, build, manage, and grow a successful digital business.

KMMRCE works with clients across multiple verticals, including grocery, beauty, electronics, fashion, wholesale, home furnishings, EdTech, and FitTech. After an initial set-up fee, subscribers can add more services as they expand, helping them launch faster, manage budgets more effectively, and eliminate unnecessary costs.

KMMRCE Pay is a turnkey PayFac solution providing modular Payments as a Service (PaaS) capabilities for global online retailers and neo operators through its proprietary technology and partner network. Its services include payment gateways, digital wallets, card issuance (credit, debit, and loyalty), POS installation, systems management, and more.

Darren Hodgkin, Chairman and Founder, KMMRCE Holdings, commented:

“We’re delighted to announce the establishment of our headquarters at DIFC, setting a new benchmark for SaaS and PaaS in the region and beyond. Our digital-first, forward-thinking approach has enabled us to develop dynamic e-commerce and payment solutions that have been developing rapidly over the last decade.

He continued: “Agile and affordable, KMMRCE technology helps brands break into the market quickly and efficiently, supported by an infrastructure that grows with them as they gain market share. Alongside that, our FinTech services connect the dots under one roof with KMMRCE Pay able to facilitate any online payment requirement. Now, we look forward to achieving the next stage of our vision and continuing our fundraising strategy.”

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